Frequently Asked Questions
1. What locations can be chosen? Will you suggest some locations and can client suggest locations? 
When booking and reserving your session, we will discuss locations along with session time and date.  Standard sessions take place at a public location in the Greater Sacramento Area that we both agree on.  In special occasions, you may request a reserved private location.  All fees are paid at the client's expense. Such fees are not included in your package. 
I will suggest some popular locations throughout the Sacramento area if needed. 
Travel fees may incur if out of Sacramento area. 
2. When should I arrive on location? 
I recommend arriving at minimum 15 minutes early so you can grab your stuff, get the kids last minute ready, and meet up!  If location requires a bit of walking, I will let you know to arrive early for best results since everyone walks at a different pace. 
Your session starts at the time booked.  If you are late, it does dig into your session allowed time. 
3. What is the turnaround time? 
The estimated turnaround time for most photo packages is 2 weeks and for films is 6-8 weeks. Depending on surrounding circumstances, that may differ, but you will be notified in advance. 
4. What if it rains or other uncontrollable Mother Nature event occurs? 
If the weather is poor including rain, extreme wind, or other catastrophic condition occur, we will absolutely reschedule (I do not allow for cancellations).  This includes any potential threat to our health and well being not excluding poor air quality or other health concerns and mandates. 
There is no fee to reschedule due to weather. 
5. What will I receive in my gallery? and how long will I be able to access the gallery? 
Your gallery will include the best selection of images, fully edited. Do not feel you are missing out on any photos.  Trust me when I say that, I will include every photo I can for you to select from.  Most galleries are available for 2 weeks online.  If you need an extension, please reach out to me before archival at end of 2-3 weeks. Permanent archival of all images is 6 months.  In rare cases, I can pull out archives, but you will be required to pay for the full gallery that is separate from your session fee. 
6. Can I order prints through your lab? 
Yes! Please reach out to me for current print packages. 
7. Can I order prints through another lab? Which labs do you recommend? 
Yes of course!  I recommend online labs such as Mpix for best quality. Always do a test print if possible. 
8. What if I need to reschedule or cancel? 
I do not allow for cancellations.  If you are cancelling, you are forfeiting your retainer fee.  Refer to contract for details.  If you need to reschedule, please let me know as soon as you can.  I require at least 2 days advance notice to avoid fees. See FAQ regarding cancellations due to weather. 

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