Keep It Simple. 
I recommend you complete the session questionnaire that will allow me to get to know your family more.  It will also give me a mini list of moments to ensure I capture such as a child's favorite words, that special name your baby calls you, and your voice!
Let the day be as natural of an every day as possible.  Plan a few activities in order of priority.  Everyone put their electronics away, and just enjoy and interact. 
Lights. Music. Television. 
Artificial lighting and video do not mix.  Film and photo session will always be during the day, so turn off the lights, and open up all the shades and curtains. 
I love music, but it's best to avoid during filming because it tends to ruin audio of those precious conversations and laughter. Now of course, we can certainly leave it on for a sing a long!
Your film will most likely include a lyrical song.  Song choices are limited to my license.
I know it feels stressful, but be calm and relax. We want great audio, not the yelling ones (I am very guilty lol) . 
Be Comfortable. 
Like a photo session, make sure you are choosing attire that are comfortable and flattering.  In a film session, we will play A LOT. We may roll, spin, dance, sing, and even crawl!  So dress comfortable. Avoid the wardrobe malfunctions by avoiding too short skirts and strapless tops. 

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